Since 1962, SEYI has been dedicated to building high quality, innovative and world-class stamping presses. With 45 years of hard work, SEYI has become one of the world's leading stamping press manufacturers.
Each year SEYI manufactures and ships more than 4,000 Presses to all parts of the world from our factories.

SEYI products were first introduced to the North American metal-stamping industry in the mid-1980's by Sutherland Presses, who represented SEYI until 1997. CNB Presses (Clearing-Niagara-Bliss) was SEYI's partner from 1998~1999. With the growth of the North America market, SEYI Presses, Inc. was strategically formed in 2000 to create a direct link between the North American metal forming community and Shieh Yih Machinery, the manufacturer and parent company of SEYI presses. Today, SEYI has over 1,500 presses operating in North America. SEYI has two offices in the United States, one in California and the other in Tennessee, to better serve our North America customers.

First of all, it's important to know more about SEYI as a company. In short ...

  • SEYI is considered "Top 5" of the world's largest press manufacturers
  • SEYI builds more than 4000 presses per year
  • SEYI sales revenue exceeds $300,000,000 per year
  • SEYI builds presses up to 2500 tons with bed sizes in excess of 8 meters
  • SEYI employs more than 800 associates world wide
  • SEYI founded in 1962 by the Kuo family where their management is still in place today
  • SEYI pioneered North America market in 1985
  • SEYI provides sales and service support on (5) continents
  • SEYI technical joint venture with Hitachi & Fukui of Japan enable SEYI to successfully penetrate the large press Tier 1 automotive market

Now that you have a high top of our business, let's move into the details of our after sales service and support for North America specifically:

  • SEYI provides sales & service support from (2) locations; Los Angeles, California and Tullahoma, Tennessee
  • SEYI service consists of (5) multi-craft service technicians (bi-lingual), in addition to a parts manager (bi-lingual), a service manager and a service administrator
  • SEYI retains nearly $1,000,000 in spare parts inventory for all machine models distributed in the US since 1986. Parts would include mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, clutch and other perishable parts required to support a machine of a 20-30 year life span
  • SEYI can offer complete turn-key systems that would include equipment, building and foundation, transportation, rigging, and machine commissioning
  • SEYI offers a industry leading 3-2-1 comprehensive press warranty (see attached)
  • SEYI service technicians & management are available 24/7 via company provided cell phones (customers are encouraged to call - any time!)

What does this all mean to you? An attentive, knowledgeable sales-service team well qualified to install and support any SEYI press worldwide.

All in all, Seyi is a progressive, growing company that continues to build high quality, competitively priced machine tools. You may learn more by visiting this web site.

Thank you for your time and continued interests in SEYI Presses!

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Our mission is to provide the metal-stamping industry with products that deliver high quality, innovative and effective stamping solutions.

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